Expert eyelash extensions can run hundreds of dollars. And let’s be honest, they do need pretty frequent upkeep. Why spend hundreds of dollars each month on a service you don’t need? Simply start applying vegaLASH Volumizing Serum twice daily and you’ll save hundreds.


As life gets busy, we know time is our most valuable asset. So most of us don’t truly enjoy the hours of beauty appointments that fill our calendars. Instead of laying for an hour when you could be doing, well, anything else, swap out your extensions for your own lashes. In just a minute a day, you can integrate your vegaLASH into your everyday beauty routine and achieve long-term results.

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Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your eyelash glue? It’s powerful stuff, and it’s certainly not natural. We definitely want to keep those dangerous chemicals away from our eyes, so we’ve created this natural, vegan, toxin-free to give you longer, fuller lashes. It’s safe for everyday use with no scary side effects!


If you wouldn't dream of giving up your extensions, then the best thing you can do for them is to take care of the natural base to which they're anchored - your own natural lashes!  Daily application of vegLASH Volumizing Serum & Multi-Tasking Primer will help keep your lash base strong & healthy as well as help stimulate new lash growth to replace those lashes lost 


1 - Rise and wash your face, then apply the vegaLASH Volumizing Serum gently to your upper and lower lash lines, at the root.

2 - Prep your lashes for expert mascara application! Wiggle the Multi-Tasking Primerwand at the root of your lashes, then sweep upwards from root to tip.

3 - Follow with your new favorite Mascara. Hold the wand horizontally and wiggle at the root of your lashes, then sweep upwards from root to tip. Layer for added boldness.

4 - After washing your face in the evening, apply vegaLASH Serum to upper and lower lashes once more. Follow with another coat of Primer, to condition and strengthen your lashes while you sleep.

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