Daniel Hodgdon and Christina Zeigler founded VEGAMOUR two years ago to bring powerful, safe, clean hair and skin restoration products to the world. We’ve spent two years innovating and launching, experimenting and improving. And while we are so incredibly proud of each one of our products, there’s so much more to our company than our formulas.

So on our second birthday, we bring you our blog, GROW WITH LOVE. This is our space to share stories about who we are, our processes, tips, team, and more. And there’s no better way to introduce this collection of stories than with our own, so the team sat down to chat with Christina and Dan, to give you a sense of the VEGAMOUR magic we experience daily.

Christina Zeigler - VEGAMOUR Co-Founder

Happy two years! This should be fun. Let’s turn back time and start from the beginning. What were you each doing before you started VEGAMOUR?

CHRISTINA ZEIGLER: Resetting and re-grounding after a two year rest period of deciding what to do next after a New York startup frenzy! 

(Pssst: Christina helped build Harry’s, Gilt Groupe, and Bonobos)

DANIEL HODGDON: And I was searching the world for impactful bio-actives and setting up sustainable, Fair Trade supply chains that would hopefully, one day, change the beauty industry. 

And Dan is too humble to mention he is THE #1 Marula Oil guy in the WORLD… So what inspired you to start your own company?

DH: I got tired of waiting for the cosmetics industry to change, so I thought I would change it.

CZ: And I had a significant amount of life changes that make rethink what I wanted to do next, how I wanted to show up, and who I wanted to spend my time with. Dan and I ran in similar circles and we both realized that working together would achieve what we were both looking to do next.  

How did you two decide to focus on hair growth vs. the other areas of the beauty industry?

DH:  It was a niche with enormous potential that was being greatly underserved by safe, clinically-proven products. It was an opportunity to help thousands of people feel better about their hair in a matter of weeks with a safe, vegan formula.

CZ: I totally got it. And what I still emphasize above all else is natural beauty. I can't stand having to look like a different person, but that’s the message we all receive daily. I have been consistently defiant about having to heavily make myself up to get attention and approval. I have found other ways to do this, always leading with natural beauty.

The balance between you two is evident! We see it daily. So how did you divide the work when you first launched VEGAMOUR?

DH: I’m horrible at finance, operations, and organization.  Fortunately, CZ is brilliant at all of these things!!

CZ: At least he admits it! I did the things Dan wasn't good at :)

What are three adjectives that best describe your Co-Founder?

DH: Indefatigable, reliable, and amazing!

CZ: Dan is unbelievably passionate, loyal, and unconditionally loving

Nailed it. Now, moving on to VEGAMOUR, the products. What effect do you think VEGAMOUR products have on the women and men who use them?

CZ: Hopefully the same effect they have had on me. It was was the use of the VEGAMOUR products that helped me to show up for myself again. It started with the daily use of the vegaLASH Volumizing Serum, to remind myself I deserved the time to get ready, and that it didn't have to be for anyone else but me. Little by little, my self esteem and confidence reappeared and I felt alive again. I HOPE that someone has that same experience, but her own.

DH: How could I top that? But I will add that we hope people take pride in purchasing VEGAMOUR products, knowing they are positively impacting the environment and global community.

Dan Hodgdon in Africa

Dan Hodgdon - VEGAMOUR Co-Founder 

What are your personal favorite VEGAMOUR products?

DH: Marula Oil and our INCREDIBLE Hair Serum - I douse myself in both, daily!

CZ: The lash serum - it changed my attitude and outlook on life. And then the mascara!!

(Oh, hello vegaLASH Plan 2  - or shall we say, Plan Christina!)

How do your lives improve when you make time for self-care?

DH: It creates space for balance AND I imagine it makes me a little more pleasant to be around!

CZ: I am my most productive, focused and selfless me. I have nothing but time for others when I take care of myself first.

How will VEGAMOUR change the world?

DH: Big picture: by continuing to raise awareness around the importance of clean beauty, corporate responsibility and social impact to ourselves, our community and the environment through the products we make and the way we choose to operate our company.

CZ: And for individuals, we’re giving women confidence that they CAN lead lead with inner beauty to effect change by making a few small changes to their daily routines that enhances their natural beauty. Inner beauty + natural external beauty = changing your outlook on life = attracting others who want your secret = supporting others in their journeys.

What are you most proud of, after two years of VEGAMOUR?

DH: I’m most proud of the team that we’re building and the culture/voice we continue to develop as a brand and a privately held company.

CZ: Not giving up when things have been their hardest. Sticking next to my co-founder no matter what, even if it means it looks a little different than the norm.

And, as Dan and Christina’s biggest supporters, we love that we do things our own way. We love being part of this innovative, creative, GOOD company that is able to better lives and connect with you all along the way. Check back for more good stuff, as we all grow together!

Thanks for reading!