Argan oil. Castor oil. Coconut oil. Olive oil. The world of beauty offers so many options to achieve healthy skin and hair, and while they’re all great , there’s one natural ingredient that continues to stand out: Marula Oil. This beauty oil has been used for centuries, and can replace so many beauty products you’ve purchased over the years. Safe and powerful, marula oil features antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and oleic acid that deliver so many beauty benefits! Here are just some of them:

1. Preps and Primes Skin for Makeup

Makeup primers smooth out your skin, leaving you with an even surface to apply your makeup. While most primers accomplish this job, most are ridden with carcinogens, irritants and toxins. Marula oil is the perfect alternative. Not only is it natural and toxins-free, it also leaves your skin in better condition than before! It won’t clog pores and leaves you with a natural glow. Win-win. To use, simply apply 3 to 5 drops onto your palm, then massage all over your face with your fingertips.

2. Soothes Minor Burns

Marula oil has been used to soothe burns and reduce scarring in its native Africa as far back as 10,000 B.C. While we don’t recommend that you self-medicate serious burns, marula oil can be used as a home remedy for razor burn, sunburn and other less severe burns.* While marula oil is deemed safe for even the most sensitive skin, please consult a medical professional before using marula oil for more severe burns.

3. Nourishes Nails

Toss the cuticle oil. We’ve got another use for your go-to Marula Oil. It’s the perfect moisturizer for your cuticles, just replace that chemical formula you’ve been using et voila!

4. Diminishes the Look of Stretch Marks and Scars

Stretch marks and scars tell our stories and are part of our lives. But if you are looking to fade these skin issues, turn to marula oil. Safe for everyday use, apply as a preventative solution or as a treatment after you’ve earned your stripes.

5. Hydrate Blemish-Prone Skin

Whether you’re struggling with an occasional blemish or full-blown acne breakout, marula oil can serve as a natural remedy-. While one may think any oil would further clog pores, marula’s oleic acid allows it to penetrate skin deeper, replenishing lost moisture while helping control excess oil production. Packed with antioxidants, it also helps protect skin from free-radical damage.

6. Tames Flyaways

If your locks could use some love, grab that little bottle. A few drops of marula oil keep frizz and flyaways at bay. If you’re looking for a deeper conditioning, you’ve found your new overnight treatment. Apply graciously to dry hair, cover with a turban or shower cap, and sleep. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly and enjoy your silky mane!

benefits of marula oil

7. Soothes Dry, Chapped Lips

While many lip balms and beauty products are still tested on animals or contain animal products, ours never will. So, for dry, chapped lips, we turn to our Pure Marula Oil. A couple of drops spread over your lips are all it takes to soothe and moisturize them. Plus, you’ve got the lip primer you never knew you needed! Apply, then layer on whatever lip color your heart desires.

8. Helps Neutralize Free Radicals That Cause Premature Aging

Each day, our skin faces the harsh realities of the air, sun, and environment. To protect and nourish your skin, we recommend applying Pure Marula Oil twice a day, in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening to a freshly cleansed face. It helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals caused by UVA /UVB rays, infrared radiation, and ozone pollution, while establishing a barrier against everyday damage.

9. Helps Delay Visible Signs of Age

At VEGAMOUR, we believe in aging gracefully. Each experience makes us who we are. And through it all, we want to look and feel our best selves. We’re not erasing experiences and the marks they’ve made, we’re nourishing our bodies and souls to have what they need to feel and perform their best. And that’s why for our skin, we use Pure Marula Oil as our all-around anti-aging serum. Quick-drying, matte, and all natural (it literally has one ingredient), this antioxidant-packed oil is all we use to hydrate, nourish and strengthen our skin. Toss your anti-aging eye and face creams aside and give this a whirl.

10. Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is the body’s most prevalent protein that strengthens skin, nails, and hair. It’s also super trendy; in fact, you may even had some in a smoothie lately. Instead of consuming collagen, we want to encourage its natural production--and marula oil does just that! With each application, your body is taking the cue and producing more of its own collagen. Keep using marula oil for a healthy, beautiful you!

P.S. Southern Botanica, our sister company who produces the precious marula oil we use in our products, provides Fair Trade jobs to over 5,000 women in northern Namibia each year. Our goal, with Southern Botanica, is to expand the number of job opportunities to 20,000 by 2020. As part of our social mission, VEGAMOUR is partnering with Southern Botanica to fund a tree planting program in northern Namibia that will help grow 30,000 mango trees over a ten year period in drought-stricken communities without access to fresh fruit.